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Cervical Headaches

Cervical headaches are headaches that can be traced to problems with the cervical spine, which consists of the seven vertebrae of the neck. These headaches are usually chronic in nature and frequently occur as the result of cervical spine trauma such as whiplash.

The symptoms of cervical headaches include pain that originates near the base of the skull, radiating upwards toward the forehead, eyes, or temples. The headache is often concentrated on one side of the head, though both sides may sometimes be affected. In addition to trauma, cervical headaches can be caused by degenerating cervical vertebrae and can also be exacerbated by prolonged, habitual positioning of the neck in misaligned postures.

Cervical Headaches: Next Steps
If you believe you may be suffering from cervical headaches, be sure to see your doctor. A complete medical history discussing any possible trauma to the neck, in addition to X-rays and other tools, will help solidify your diagnosis. The prognosis for cervical headaches depends on their root cause and their severity. Some people may learn to manage symptoms through therapy, while for others surgery may be an option.

The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery (www.bonati.com) is an internationally recognized leader in arthroscopic spinal procedures. The Bonati Institiute's surgeons treat many cervical conditions using specially adapted lasers and surgical tools requiring only very small incisions in the skin. The Bonati Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and require less recovery time than traditional open back surgery, while greatly reducing the blood loss, pain, and risk of complications.

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